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Experience, expertise, and a fresh approach
to help your business thrive.

Tax, Accounting, Compliance and Advisory

Guiding clients through tax, accounting, payroll and compliance challenges in Iraq.

Our on-the-ground experience, practical approach and internationally qualified leadership team enable Tiller to meet client requirements. Efficiently.


Our team of Iraq-based experts have in-depth, practical and lengthy expertise in Iraq.

Each team member has direct and hands-on knowledge of the relevant regulatory authorities and regulations. Our personnel are predominantly Iraqi and therefore best able to meet the challenges faced by our clients.


Tiller’s team have been assisting international clients in Iraq for many years.

We have a proven track record of bridging the gap between the high expectations of our clients and the developing compliance requirements. Our solution-based approach reflects best international practice in a challenging environment.



Tiller advises international clients on the taxation and social security regimes in Iraq. We specialise in both market-entry and structuring and operational advice.


Tiller provides tax, social security and related compliance services to international companies operating in Iraq.


Tiller manages internal functions on behalf of clients operating in Iraq including accounts control and human capital management. Our team saves clients’ costs by avoiding the need to locate additional personnel in the country.


The Tiller team’s range of expertise addresses client-specific projects to allow our clients to operate efficiently in Iraq and in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.